Why do I hate Windows?

Windows is the most popular operating system in the world. However, being the most popular does not mean it is the best. I tried to install one copy of Windows Pro 64bit on one of my computers. During the installation process, the computer screen spits out “Required cd/dvd drive device driver is missing.” Seriously? Why would any OS designer in their right mind decide to figure out whether there is a correct driver for the cd / dvd ? The initial load files for preparing the installation process has already been loaded into the memory, for god’s sake! After a little bit of google-ing, I found several explanations, some of which were obvious bull-shit. Only one explanation made sense — the ISO downloaded is corrupted. Then other people reported that only copies downloaded from the MSDN library have this problem while other types of copies worked fine (i.e., purchased from Microsoft store). So, someone in the distribution team of MSDN library screwed this up, pretty badly. The “official” solution is to get an external DVD drive with USB connection and use that drive to install the Windows copy. Uh….. No way I’m going to buy an external drive that I will never use again for installation. I’ll burrow one for sure. But, what a pain in the ass, Windows.

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